Who are we?

We are "Ariki"


TEARA = changing our vaka, the journey home. 

In 2015 Jules & I decided our life's path was not in NZ but in Kave's homeland of Rarotonga. 

Inspired by our most-excellent adventures travelling the globe it was time to give back and share the magic of "Kuki Airani" with the world.  


Innovation, taking a chance can be scary, but it leads the way.

A little daunted , a little scared but fully committed to creating a range of new tourist experiences we accepted the challenge. Introducing experiences never before seen on the island has been our point of difference. Innovation coupled with passion and the strong belief that we could create amazing memories which we call "the ariki experience"  were our motivators . 


Together, we are strong.

Our crew are our life-blood.  Our multi-cultural crew are a like-minded mix of locals and imports who each in their own right have special skill sets. The best baristas, adventure guides, free divers, triathletes, kite  & yoga instructors each bring life to the "ariki experience". We train them to leave us but look after them so they will stay, at least for a while. We are proud that two of our locals have moved on to develop their own business ventures here in the Cook Islands. Check out our current crew below.


Turtly Awesome

Our Turtle Sea Scooter Safari is now our number 1 adventure. We have learnt so much swimming with our Pacific Green & Hawksbill turtles that we are going to open a Turtle Education Centre right here in Rarotonga. The majestic Hawksbill turtle is on the critically endangered list and we are passionate about protecting them and their environment. Join us on our journey, touch base with us to see how you can be involved.

Kia Manuia

Kave & Jules Tamaariki

Jules & KT